The End of ‘Beautygate’

1 hour 38 minutes ago

The iPhone XS and XS Max came with a feature called SmartHDR that increased the dynamic range of photos.  It also reduced the local contrast and the phone’s performance in low light. The lowlight issues were fixed by decreasing noise reduction, which, when combined with the lack of contrast created a smoothing effect. This was particularly noticeable in selfies and came to be known as ‘Beautygate’. With iOS 12.1 Apple tried to fix the problem. Did they succeed? A video from AppleInsider takes a look.

Charlotte Henry

Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows 1-Year Subscription: $9.99

2 hours 17 minutes ago

We have a deal on a 1-year subscription to Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows. This software features more than 30 tools accessible from a single interface, including: Airplane Mode, Alarm, Archive, Block Camera, Capture Area, Capture Screen, Capture Window, Clean Drive, Convert Video, Date Countdown, Download Audio, Download Video, Do Not Disturb, Do Not Sleep, Eject Volumes, Find Duplicates, Free Memory, Hidden Files, Hide Desktop, Lock Screen, Launch, Make GIF, Mute Microphone, Presentation Mode, Record Audio, Record Area, Record Screen, Record Window, Resize Images, Screenshot Page, Sleep Timer, Stopwatch, Switch Resolution, Take Photo, Take Video, Timer, Unarchive, Uninstall Apps, and World Time. Our deal is a 1-year subscription for $9.99, half off retail.

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iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program FAQ: Everything you need to know

2 hours 42 minutes ago

As the first completely redesigned iPhone in years, the iPhone X wasn’t without its share of issues when it launched. Apple seemingly fixed most of them via a stream of software updates, but many users have complained about persistent issues with the screen. And Apple’s finally doing something about it. At long last, Apple is launching an iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program to address lingering touch issues. Here’s everything you need to know:

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Michael Simon

Nine tips and tricks for the new 2018 iPad Pro

2 hours 44 minutes ago

Apple's latest iPad Pros are gorgeous and impressively powerful. Because of this massive overhaul, we are likely to see more new iPad purchases than we've seen in a long time, and we've got an assortment of tips and tricks to really flex the might of the new models.

Review: Vinpok Split 15.6-inch USB-C Touch Screen Monitor

3 hours 4 minutes ago
Compared to a few years ago when Apple started building Macs with USB-C ports, there are a ton of USB-C accessories available now. One unique accessory I recently saw on Indiegogo was the Vinpok Split, a very thin and light USB-C 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor for use with USB-C laptops like the MacBook line. In this review, I take a look at this lightweight portable monitor — and you can still get a deal on it as a “super early bird” backer of the campaign for just $199.
Steven Sande

Put wireless charging and Alexa in your car with all-time low prices on Anker accessories

3 hours 8 minutes ago

If you're looking for ways to spice up your commute and add some smarts to your drive, Anke has some awesome ways to do it without spending too much. And today's it's even cheaper. Amazon is running a sale on Anker that bring some of its best auto accessories to all-time lows, and we've picked out our favorites:

The Roav Viva is less than $20 todayRemove non-product link, and brings hands-free voice control to your ride via built-in Alexa. You'll be able to use your voice to make calls, play music, ask for directions, control your connected smart devices, and more. It also has two USB ports to charge up your devices while you drive and comes with a magnetic vent mount to keep your phone propped securely.

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Alexandria Haslam

MoneyWiz 3.1

3 hours 9 minutes ago
Improves the sidebar and fixes issues with macOS 10.14 Mojave's Dark mode. (Free with $59.99 annual Premium subscription, 31.2 MB)

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Tweetbot 3.2

3 hours 16 minutes ago
Adds an option to match the app's theme with macOS 10.14 Mojave's Dark mode. ($9.99 new, free update, 5.6 MB)

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iMovie 10.1.10

3 hours 19 minutes ago
Removes the capability to share video files directly to Facebook, replacing it with the option to export a Facebook-compatible video file. (Free, 2.2 GB)

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