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YouTube enters Apple’s top-grossing app charts on the back of its subscription offering

2 hours 33 min ago

YouTube Red’s free one-month trial period ended for the first wave of its users a few days back, leaving us to wonder if enough of them would be willing to pay to keep their subscription. Well, the initial portents are encouraging.

YouTube launched its long-talked-about paid service late last month, giving users the ability to disable ads, access all kinds of exclusive content and features, and stream unlimited songs from Google Play Music, all for a flat $10 per month. Everyone who signs up gets to try the service for free for one month, which in the case of launch-day subscribers ended on November 28. The good news for Google is that a decent chunk of those early adopters appear to have stuck around and are happily forking out the monthly subscription fee.

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Adobe isn't killing Flash, just changing the name of the tool that makes it

4 hours 4 min ago

Score one for the late Steve Jobs. Adobe is changing the name of Flash Professional CC, its web animation tool, to Animate CC. The goal is to accurately reflect the reality that web developers are using the tool to also create HTML5 content—“over a third of all the content” created with the app—according to Adobe.

In a blog post announcing the change, Adobe credited Flash with “[pushing] the web forward.” But the company also conceded that HTML5, which is friendlier to laptop batteries and not the security nightmare Flash has become, has matured enough to “be the web platform of the future across all devices.”

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Zuckerberg to give away 99% of his fortune, or about $45 billion, to new charity

4 hours 11 min ago

Following the birth of their first child, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan announced that they will give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares, currently worth about $45 billion, to a new charity the couple has founded.

The couple announced the birth of their daughter, Max, on Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. But the real news is a plan to establish the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative “to advance human potential and promote equality for all children in the next generation,” outlined in a letter addressed to Max.

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New Google mobile search feature lets you save and sort images from the web

8 hours 14 min ago

Google has a new mobile-friendly tool to help you spot, save, and organize images you find in its search engine.

Once you spot an image you want to save, select it and then tap the star at the bottom of the page. This will add it to a permanent collection synced to your Google account, according to Google’s Inside Search blog.

Inside Search Blog

Find images and then saved them for later when performing a Google search on a mobile device.

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The Week in Mac Apps: Map your thoughts with SimpleMind

8 hours 48 min ago crossword puzzles, two-factor authentication tools, and more

In this week’s roundup of new software for your Mac, we bring you apps that help you build websites for all occasions, help you keep things organized, and keep you busy during your downtime.

Black Ink 1.6.3

Love crosswords? Time to give Red Sweater’s $10 Black Ink (Mac App Store Link) a try.

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Putting Mac OS on Raspberry Pi...eventually

10 hours 44 min ago

“I know what would be a fun little project for Think Retro,” I thought one day, like the prize chump I am: “installing a classic Mac OS onto a Raspberry Pi.”

The key words there were “fun” and “little,” but as the hours ticked by it was clear that “little” was laughably optimistic, and “fun” was true only in the way that a day at boot camp is fun: you know it’s good for you to be pushed out of your comfort zone and exercise bits of your anatomy that are usually blissfully underused, but you only really feel it was actually fun once you’re back at home, soaking in the tub and with a glass of port within easy reach.

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The refrain: Stop repeating yourself

12 hours 18 min ago

As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, keep linking to it like you did succeed.

“Apple Loop: New iPhone 7 Leaks, Tim Cook's Report Card, iPad Pro Frustration”

Apple Loop, if you didn’t know, is a weekly roundup of Apple news from the Forbes contributor network and accredited poodle art glass-blowing college with their patented Apple fail spin.

It’s also actually that if you did know. Your knowledge of its existence, alas, provides no escape.

What is the first item Forbes’ Ewan Spence links to this week? Why, another item by Forbes’ Ewan Spence, the one the Macalope discussed on Saturday. It’s the ABC of search engine optimization:

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On1 Photo 10 review: From suite to sweet: photo editing app does it all

13 hours 18 min ago

For about a decade, On1’s photo editing tools have been marketed and used primarily as plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, or Adobe Photoshop. Each tool was an independent, one-trick pony and appropriately named: Perfect Black and White, for example, or Perfect Portrait. A couple of versions back, On1 began rolling these mini-apps into a Perfect Photo Suite that allowed users to access all the tools from a central dashboard independent of Lightroom or Aperture. The latest version—renamed On1 Photo 10—takes this plan to the next level. Photo 10 is no longer a suite in name or design: It’s now a pretty well integrated app.

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Apple Music will play nice with Sonos beginning Dec. 15

13 hours 50 min ago

Streaming music and Sonos speakers go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is why Apple Music’s absence from Sonos’s list of supported streaming services was perplexing. But Apple Music is joining the roster of supported music services on Dec. 15, so Sonos speaker owners will have another option for streaming songs throughout their homes.

Sonos originally said that its speakers would support Apple Music “when [Apple is] ready to focus on the home listening experience,” then confirmed that would happen by the end of the year. Apple Music launched on iOS and iTunes in June, and arrived on Apple TV in November. Sonos just released a well-reviewed new speaker, the Play:5, in time for the holidays. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of software and services, told BuzzFeed that the two companies waited nearly six months to integrate because both have high bars for success.

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Is Evernote getting out of the retail business?

14 hours 48 min ago

Two years ago, Evernote shocked the world when the company began selling a whole smorgasbord of physical products.

Some of them made sense, like a stylus that worked with Evernote’s app and a scanner that pulled documents into the note-taking software. Others were more tenuously connected to Evernote’s core business, with observers taking particular glee in pointing out the company’s new collection of socks.

At the time, then-CEO Phil Libin said the Evernote Market was a way for the company to diversify its revenue streams, taking advantage of customer loyalty to make more money by selling high-quality (and high-priced) goods. The store’s limited selection was curated by a group of employees inside the company who had other day jobs, and it included unique and hard-to-find items from designers around the world.

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The 10 Mac games you need to play from November 2015

15 hours 33 min ago
November's best Mac games

It’s the season of giving—but if you love gaming on your Mac, why not treat yourself to a little something? November saw the release of dozens of new Mac games, and we’ve picked out the best and most intriguing of the bunch. Half of these are $20 or less apiece, so even if you’re tight on cash amidst ample holiday shopping, you can still grab something new to play. 

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4 smarter ways to search on your iPhone or iPad

15 hours 48 min ago

When it comes to performing a search on your iPhone or iPad, you probably immediately start with Spotlight, the “universal” search tool for OS X and iOS that scours your email, calendar, contacts, the web, and more—all at once. But while spotlight certainly makes for a jack-of-all-trades mobile search tool, you could also call it a master of none.

For example, Spotlight won’t do you much good if you want to narrow your search down to Mail messages you sent to a certain contact, or photos you snapped in a specific city and in a given year. Only Safari’s search tool will highlight a search term within a webpage, while Settings search (yes, Settings has its own search box) is the best way to track down an obscure system toggle. Read on for four smart, non-Spotlight ways to search on your iOS device.

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12 apps we're dying to have on our new Apple TV

16 hours 6 min ago

Looking for a karaoke game or a workout app for the Apple TV? The new tvOS App Store has got your covered. Some Apple TV apps are even weirder than that. But there are still some notable holdouts that prevent the tvOS App Store from being as expansive as the iOS App Store. If Apple wants to make "apps the future of TV," then here are a few apps it needs to add to the Apple TV App Store right away.

Amazon Instant Video

After pulled the Apple TV from its online store, it seemed that Amazon would never take a dip in the Apple pond. But according to a new rumor, Amazon is currently working on an Apple TV app for its Amazon Instant Video service, home of critically-acclaimed TV shows like Transparent and The Man in the High Castle. If the rumor proves true, Apple TV owners will be able to install an Amazon Instant Video app "within a few weeks," hopefully by the time Transparent season 2 premieres on Dec. 11.

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SnapPower Charger review: Quickly add one USB charging port to almost any outlet

16 hours 18 min ago
It's much less expensive and a whole lot easier to install than other solutions we've tried.

Hands-on: Adobe’s new Fuse CC lets beginners take baby steps into 3D modeling

Mon, 2015-11-30 22:01

Photoshop has featured 3D workflows for years, but significant challenges for designers remain. With its recent purchase of 3D specialists Mixamo, Adobe has turned its attention to realistic 3D character models, the kind designers are working with more and more. The result is Fuse CC (Preview), a new desktop app that lets anyone easily build animated human models for composite images, layouts, concepts, and artistic projects.

Fuse gives designers who have no 3D expertise whatsoever an easy workflow to incorporate into their projects. It’s often hard to find the exact image you want for a layout in 2D, so with Fuse, you can start off with your own vision and make it happen.

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Adobe releases big updates to Photoshop and a new 3D character app, Fuse

Mon, 2015-11-30 22:00

All updates all the time: That is Adobe’s mission for its Creative Cloud subscription plan. Delivering perpetual updates to the suite’s desktop lineup, without adhering to a designated upgrade schedule, frees both company and users from the long, cold wait for new and enhanced features. On Monday, Adobe announced a huge update to Photoshop CC 2015, its flagship image editor, which now hooks into its new 3D character creation app called Fuse CC.

Photoshop users are accustomed to change: Over time, Adobe has tweaked the app endlessly. But even by Adobe’s standards, the fall 2015 update opens up a new world to Photoshop users. Its flatter look and redrawn icons are just the beginning: Its integration with Fuse, which enhances Photoshop’s already extensive 3D capabilities, goes further.

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AT&T to hike grandfathered unlimited data plans by $5

Mon, 2015-11-30 17:35

AT&T bummed out a lot of long-time iPhone users Monday by announcing a $5 per month rate hike on grandfathered unlimited data plans. AT&T hasn’t offered new customers unlimited data since 2012, but users who snapped them up in the iPhone 3G era and clung to them until now (including yours truly) will see the first price hike in seven years, from $30 a month to $35.

AT&T will first notify affected customers, and then start charging them the extra $5 in February 2016. While AT&T previously came under fire for throttling these so-called unlimited plans to a lower speed after customers hit 5GB, the company recently changed its policy. Now it only throttles users “if you exceed 22GB of data in a billing cycle and are in a congested area.”

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The best Cyber Monday deals on Apple products, accessories, and apps

Mon, 2015-11-30 11:07

Black Friday isn’t the only day to scoop up discounted Apple devices. While Apple isn’t doing anything to celebrate Cyber Monday, there are still plenty of deals to be found on the Cupertino company’s products—and accessories to go with them—from other retailers. Here are the best deals still available online only:

Target is offering 15 percent off its entire site, and that includes iPads.

Best Buy had a slew of Apple deals on Black Friday, and while its Cyber Monday selections aren’t quite as extensive, you can still pick up select MacBooks and iMacs for $100-$150 less than usual.

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How I spent my Android vacation

Mon, 2015-11-30 06:43

I can remember the exact moment I stopped missing my iPhone.

Three days earlier, I had embarked on a brave new journey with the Nexus 6P, a month-long break from my long-term relationship with the iPhone. I wasn’t completely illiterate to Android—over the years I’ve tried a few Galaxies and a Moto or two, and even bought an original Nexus 7—but extended daily use was a bit of a shock to my system.

But it took less than 72 hours to wipe away eight years of memories. Part of it was the allure of the younger Nexus 6P, but it wasn’t just a newness thing; for a fleeting moment it was as if iOS and Siri didn’t exist. My once-beloved iPhone 6 sat on my nightstand, slowly draining its charge, with a persistent “No SIM card installed” message as if begging for my attention.

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Considering a hardware RAID? Here’s what you need to know

Mon, 2015-11-30 06:00

It’s quiz time: what’s the single most important thing in your Mac computing environment? Is it the actual Mac model you use? Is it the size of the display attached to the Mac? The speed of the CPU? The amount of memory? The size of the hard drive? The speed of and memory on the graphics card? The network connectivity?

While all of those may seem important, I would argue that the most important thing in your Mac computing environment isn’t any of those things. In fact, it’s nothing you can directly touch or see. It’s your data. Whether that data is photographs or text documents or code or 3D CAD drawings or digital artwork, it’s your data that’s truly important. All the other stuff is hardware, and is easily replaced. Your data is irreplaceable. That’s why you have a backup plan, right?

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