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Updated: 1 hour 3 min ago

Apple's Jony Ive promoted to 'Chief Design Officer,' to work on Apple Stores

1 hour 41 min ago
Longtime Apple designer Jony Ive has been promoted from SVP of Design to a new position called Chief Design Officer, which will see the star designer relinquish day to day oversight of industrial design and user interface operations to take on a wider array of projects.

Charter said to be nearing $55B deal to buy Time Warner Cable

3 hours 31 min ago
Charter Communications is on the verge of buying out rival Time Warner Cable in a cash-and-stock deal worth approximately $55.1 billion, a report said on Monday.

Apple's iPhone 6s could add 12MP Sony camera with RGBW subpixels - report

5 hours 18 min ago
The next-generation iPhone will reportedly sport a camera with a 12-megapixel Sony sensor that makes use of the firm's RGBW technology to help with low-light photography.

Rumor: Microsoft interested in acquiring BlackBerry

7 hours 18 min ago
Microsoft is rumored to be talking with investment firms about the prospect of buying out Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry, likely motivated by a desire to deepen its foray into the mobile enterprise and gain access to BlackBerry's patent trove.

Watch Effect: How the Digital Crown and Force Touch could inform future iOS device design

8 hours 21 min ago
Even staunch Apple Watch detractors have to admire the technology Apple managed to pack into its first wearable platform. As Apple's "most personal device ever," Watch boasts multiple advancements to the user interface, two of which -- Force Touch and UI concepts invented alongside the Digital Crown -- we'd like to see in future iPhones and iPads.

National Security Agency's bulk phone metadata collection program to sunset on June 1

9 hours 12 min ago
The Obama administration has decided not to ask a secret court for a 90-day extension of Section 215 in the Patriot Act, effectively putting end to the authorized bulk collection of U.S. phone metadata by the National Security Agency.

How the rest of Apple's ecosystem could benefit from Apple Watch: Smarter, contextually aware notifications

Sun, 2015-05-24 10:07
Apple frequently introduces new technologies and features in a singular new product, then gradually brings them to other devices in its ecosystem, making for a more coherent user experience. With the recent launch of the Apple Watch, the company has begun offering smarter and more contextually aware locations --?something we'd like to see on the rest of the company's platforms.

Review: CaseStudi's Libre Bluetooth keyboard is an ultra-portable workhorse, with some trade-offs

Sun, 2015-05-24 05:14
An increasing number of consumers and businesspeople are turning to portable Bluetooth keyboards to increase the productivity potential of their iPad. AppleInsider took a look at one of the latest contenders, CaseStudi's Libre.

Apple Maps in China offer a sneak peek at what's in store for Maps in iOS 9

Sat, 2015-05-23 12:16
Apple has gobbled up mapping market share on iOS (and the Mac) since introducing its own alternative to Google Maps back in 2012, despite lacking a variety of key features. Hints at how Apple Maps may soon improve are coming from a seemingly unlikely source: China.

This week on AppleInsider: New Macs, Apple Watch update, TV plans & more

Fri, 2015-05-22 23:02
Perhaps the most significant Apple-related event this week was the launch of a refreshed 15-inch MacBook Pro, but the company also released its first firmware update for the Apple Watch, and saw its takeover of GPS firm Coherent Navigation made public.

Apple bolsters Maps with more business listings data providers

Fri, 2015-05-22 21:02
As part of ongoing upgrades to its in-house mapping service, Apple on Friday added a handful of entries to its rolling list of providers that supply the company with maps data, business listings and satellite imagery.

New book says BlackBerry ignored iPhone threat because it misunderstood market

Fri, 2015-05-22 17:08
An excerpt from an upcoming book on the rise and collapse of Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry suggests that while the company -- then known as RIM -- had some appreciation for 2007's first-generation iPhone, it did not see the device as a threat given RIM's core customers.

Apple attends 'spy summit' to discuss data privacy, mass surveillance issues

Fri, 2015-05-22 16:10
Apple was on the list of attendees at a secretive three-day conference last week, where heads of intelligence agencies from around the world met with private sector tech companies, security experts and journalists to discuss the ramifications of data privacy on state protection.

Early Apple Watch Edition orders begin shipping with custom delivery times

Fri, 2015-05-22 15:40
The first Apple Watch Edition orders should arrive as soon as Saturday, although unlike most Watch models, buyers are being given the option of when they'll have their device delivered, a report noted on Friday.

Apple's iPhone 5c helps man survive shotgun blast to the chest

Fri, 2015-05-22 13:48
A 25-year-old British man who was shot in the chest with a shotgun during a confrontation outside of his home survived the event, thanks in part to his green iPhone 5c, which absorbed much of the impact.

Google adding fingerprint support to 'Android M' - report

Fri, 2015-05-22 10:30
The next version of Google's Android mobile operating system will reportedly bring system-wide support for fingerprint authentication, paving the way for more Android devices to adopt Touch ID-style biometrics.

Fitbit leads in fitness tracker popularity, but Apple Watch poised to gain ground

Fri, 2015-05-22 09:52
Fitbit devices remain both the most used and most wanted fitness trackers, but Apple is in a position to make gains with the Apple Watch, especially as a huge number of consumers plan to buy a wearable device in the near future, according to a U.S. consumer survey published on Friday.

Rumor: Intel prepping next-gen Skylake chips for August debut, may curtail Broadwell sales

Fri, 2015-05-22 08:45
Chip giant Intel is reportedly targeting August of this year for the initial rollout of its next-generation Skylake microarchitecture, a timeline that likely means Apple's high-end Macs will skip the oft-delayed Broadwell line.

Watch OS 1.0.1 update causes Apple Watches to skip heart rate tracking, users say

Fri, 2015-05-22 08:04
This week's Watch OS 1.0.1 update has caused some Apple Watches to track heart rate sporadically, in some cases with an hour or more between readings, according to complaints on Apple's support forums, and verified by AppleInsider's own tests.

Apple wants subscription TV service to include live local broadcasts, content rights remain roadblock

Fri, 2015-05-22 07:10
The main hold-up in Apple launching a subscription TV service is content rights, with a new report on Friday saying the company could again face delays as it seeks to include live, local network television stations.