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Class action lawsuit involving Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTek has been settled

41 min 19 sec ago

A class action lawsuit concerning the 2012 acquisition of AuthenTek by Apple has been settled.  The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that AuthenTec's directors breached their fiduciary duties in connection with the sale of AuthenTec to Apple.

As part of the Settlement, those shareholders who owned AuthenTec common stock as of October 4, 2012 may be entitled to receive additional payment through a cash-payment common fund. The settlement isn’t an admission of wrongdoing; instead, the parties have decided to settle their dispute.

In 2011 Apple agreed to buy AuthenTec, a maker of fingerprint sensor chips used in personal computers, for $8 per share, in a deal valued at about $356 million. After Apple acquired the company, AuthenTek was sued by an investor who argued that the company’s selling price was too low.

AuthenTec directors have a duty to get the best value for shareholders and wrongly accepted Apple’s bid of $8 a share, the plaintiff, Craven Lee, said in a Delaware Chancery Court complaint made public today in Wilmington.

“AuthenTec, if properly exposed to the market for corporate control, would bring a price materially in excess of the amount offered,” Lee said in the complaint.

European Commission may rule on Apple's Irish tax status this week

56 min 39 sec ago

A ruling by the European Commission on Apple’s tax status in Ireland may come as early as this week. 

Ireland is set to defend its tax system, which has remained attractive to other major U.S. technology companies, causing related European and U.S. issues for Google, Facebook and others. While Apple's potential tax liability for the case has been pegged as high as $19 billion (by JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst Rod Hall), estimates have ranged dramatically from $8 billion by Bloomberg Intelligence to €100M by The Irish Times).

The Europe’s anti-trust and consumer investigation agency has claimed that Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have attracted investment and jobs by helping big companies avoid tax in other countries, including EU members. The commission suspects Ireland was too lenient in rulings it gave to Apple and which helped the company shield tens of billions of dollars in profit from taxation. At 12.5%, Ireland’s corporate tax rate beats the U.S. rate of 35%. However, participating companies don’t pay that 12.5% under the double Irish structure.

iPhone event scheduled for September 7

1 hour 35 min ago

We knew that the unveiling of the newest iPhone would happen soon; now word is out that "media sites" (unfortunately not Apple World Today) have been invited to an event on September 7.

Not only will we see the long-awaited "iPhone 7", but many expect to see other new products unveiled at the same time. For example, a new MacBook Pro line that's much thinner and includes an OLED touch bar (and possibly Touch ID) is expected, as is the second iteration of the Apple Watch.

We plan on having some sort of live event on September 7th -- we'll let you know before it happens!

Apple sued over iPhone 6/6 Plus "Touch Disease"

1 hour 51 min ago

A proposed nationwide class-action lawsuit was filed on Saturday over the "Touch Disease" that seems to be afflicting a number of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones. The problem causes a flickering gray bar to appear at the top of the screen, after which the touchscreen becomes completely unresponsive.

Todd Cleary of California, Jun Bai of Delaware, and Thomas Davidson of Pennsylvania are the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages, accusing Apple of fraud and violating California consumer protection laws. The three linked the problem to Apple's design decision to not use a metal shield or undersell to protect certain screen components as it did on versions of the iPhone 5.

Should you decide to look up the case, it's Davidson et al v. Apple Inc, US District Court, Northern District of California, No. 16-04942. 

HomeKit-enabled Philips Hue line gets new motion sensor, bulbs

2 hours 25 min ago

One of the few products in the Internet of Things that has worked properly since Day One is the Philips Hue line of connected smart lightbulbs. Apple HomeKit was added to the line, so it's been possible to use Siri to turn on lights or "scenes". Now Philips has added the new Philips Hue Motion Sensor (US$39.95) to the line, allowing Hue owners to control lighting with movement rather than an app or switch.

The Motion Sensor provides users with instantaneous reaction times, turning on lights within .5 seconds and at an average detection range of 5 meters. The app now allows lights to be personalized, with a more gentle light at night and additional brightness during the day. 

Inside the Motion Sensor is a daylight sensor to activate lights as it gets dark or turn them off when the light level reaches a certain threshold. As with the rest of the Philip Hue devices, the Motion Sensor is easy to set up; it's battery-powered and wireless, and can be placed just about anywhere. The Motion Sensor is expected to be widely available from, and Best Buy in October of 2016.

In other Hue news, the company is also introducing new Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 bulbs. The newest bulbs offer richer greens and blues than before. Philips is also coming out with new BR-30 and GU-10 bulbs in the Hue White Ambiance line so they can be used in even more lighting fixtures.


Daily Deal: iPhone Charging Dock for $17.98 (incl. shipping!)

2 hours 55 min ago

Are you still charging your iPhone by just stringing a Lightning cable over to it? What??? It's time to change things up. Our Apple World Today Deals Shop Daily Deal will get you a classy iPhone Charging Dock in silver, gold, or rose gold at 55% off the usual price -- that's just $17.98, and shipping is included.  

You'll need to supply your own Lightning cable, but the dock will keep your iPhone lookin' good as it receives power and syncs with your Mac or PC. Really want a deal? Refer a friend and get $10 more lopped off the price tag. Are you kidding me? A charging dock for $7.98? Yep. Deal + Referral = hella discounts, buddy. 

Apple gets an ‘A’ grade in the ‘2016 Semi-Annual Computer Reliability Report’

4 hours 32 min ago

Apple gets an “A” in the 2016 Semi-Annual Computer Reliability Report from RESCUECOM, a computer repair company. That’s up from the A- the company received in the 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report. The grade also places Apple at the top of all computer maker lists if you exclude tablets.

Including tablets, Apple comes in third after three “A+” companies: Amazon, Verizon, and LG. Our favorite tech company had a “reliability score” of 723 compared to 189 in the 2015 Q3 report.

Reliability scores for other companies trailing Apple on the list are: Samsung (305), Microsoft (128), Lenovo (127), Acer (95), Asus (93), Dell (72), HP (48) and Toshiba. Grades for those companies are, respectively, A, B, B, C+, C+, C-, D, and D.

RESCUECOM calculates reliability scores by contrasting a manufacturer's market share of computers and tablets to the number of tech support calls for those devices.

How to create an iCloud Shared Album

5 hours 55 min ago

iCloud Photo Library stores every photo and video you make, then keeps ‘em up to date on all your OS X and iOS devices. Any edits you make are automatically updated everywhere. And iCloud Photo Sharing makes it easy to share those photos and videos with others.

You can create a shared album and invite friends and family to add their photos and videos. to create an iCloud Shared Album, follow these steps:

  • Open the Photos app on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad and select one or more photos.
  • Click on the Share Icon, then choose iCloud Photo Sharing.
  • A new window will pop up. You can add a caption or comment to the photos.
  • Click New Shared Album. (If you’re setting up your Shared Album in iOS, you’ll tap Shared Album first, and then New Shared Album.)
  • Name your iCloud Shared Album.

Now you can invite the folks you wish to share it with by using the box in the middle. You can invite people via their email address oriMessages number. Or you can select names from your Contacts list.

When the info is all filled out, click Create, and you’re good to go. You can continue to add photos to your Shared Album, and they’ll beavailable to those you invited when you created the album.

Nyrius’ WS54 is great for owners of several home entertainment products, such as Apple TV

6 hours 25 min ago

Nyrius’ $169.99 WS54 is an innovative solution that unlocks the restraints of traditional home entertainment systems by displaying content wirelessly to any of your TVs. It’s great for those of us who own several home entertainment products, such as an Apple TV, Roku, cable boxes and/or Blu-Ray players. 

Basically, the Nyrius — which I’ve heard described as an “invisible HDMI cable” — creates a centralized media hub, allowing users to keep home entertainment products in one location, but able to access them from a bedroom, personal computer, living room, kitchen — virtually any distance up to 60 feet away. Walls, floors, and ceilings don’t block its high speed, low latency signal. Neither do Wi-Fi or BlueTooth devices, so it’s convenient to use the Nyrius WS54 to stream movies and TV shows in 1080p high-def and Dolby Digital surround sound.

With loop-through HDMI, you can set up two separate viewing environments, so you can view through one wired connection in your living room and watch the same HD content wirelessly in, say, your man cave (or woman cave, as the case may be). You can add additional receivers (sold separately) to the system and transmit wireless audio and video to even more TVs. You can add up to four additional receivers without installing wires or downloading software. An additional WS54RX receiver costs $99.99.

To use the Nyrius, you plug the transmitter into your device’s HDMI port and the receiver into your HDTV and you're immediately connected. The transmitter and receiver are powered by the included AC adapter. No software or Wi-Fi connection is required. 

Of course, one problem with this is that some Macs, such as my iMac, have no HDMI cables. You’ll have to use an adapter, which means more cable clutter.

An included IR extender with the Nyrius lets you change channels, pause movies or adjust volume from any area of a home. You can change channels, pause/play content, and adjust the volume with a remote control, even if their cable box is in another room.

Why not Apple’s AirPlay? It’s not as flexible as the Nyrius. To stream to multiple devices, you have to use your computer-based iTunes music collection as the audio source with AirPlay. You can't stream different music to different rooms. AirPlay’s streaming limit is the distance from each device to the wireless access point or router you are using for your wireless network.

If AirPlay works perfectly well for you, congratulations. The Nyrius is a solution to consider if yet doesn’t or if you have multiple TVs in your home and don’t want to buy an extra cable box or Apple TV.

Want custom molded earphones? Check out the Decibullz models

6 hours 55 min ago

By Chris Gannon

I’ve been using the $59.95 Decibullz Custom molded earphones for a few weeks now. My first reaction to seeing these earphones was intrigue; I didn’t even know that there was a market for earphones that will mold to fit your specific ear, but it turns out there is.  

In fact some of the products on the market are quite expensive. The Decibullz retail for about US$60.This puts them in the lower end in terms of cost of custom molded earphones. But don’t let the low cost mislead you about their quality.

I have used these from everything from walking to sitting to mowing the yard, and I’ve been pleased. The sound coming from the speakers is good, and the custom molded earpieces assist by adding another layer of outside sound isolation. 

A couple of concerns I had as I was reading the instruction was:

  • Are these really going to fit MY ears? (I may or may not have been called "Dumbo" as a child) 
  • How much of a headache is it going to be to mold these things to my ears (is it going to hurt, what if I mess up, etc.)?

For anyone who may have the same concerns I can say that it appears these will truly fit any ear. Decibullz includes a very helpful video link in their instructions that's very well done and easy to understand. Anyone can watch this video and figure out exactly what they are supposed to do in order to mold these earphones (even me).  

If you happen to make a mistake the Decibullz are actually re-moldable (which is evidently not very common), so you can get it right the next time around. Instructions with a video link is also provided. For those who have concerns after watching the video that the mold may be hot and burn their ears, don't worry. As long as you follow the instructions, this won’t happen and your ears will be just fine.

If you are looking for a pair of custom molded earphones, then I would definitely start with Decibullz. If you aren’t sure if you want a pair of custom molded earphones, you'll be fine just by using the fairly common silicone tips that come with many earphones sets these days.  

One knock that I have with the Decibullz — and it is a small one— is that once they have molded they do become hard. Even being custom molded into your ear, this can begin to hurt after a period of heavy activity. 

Notable apps and app updates for Aug. 27, 2016

Sat, 2016-08-27 14:22

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Apimac has introduced Clean Text. It’s a $3.99 tool for web masters, graphic designers, developers and magazine editors to reduce text cleanup and editing time. Clean Text performs functions such as removing empty lines, removing unwanted spaces, converting tab characters, smart quotes, and more.

Urban Discovery has rolled out its iDiscover Sanur cycling route app. It’s a travel app with community curated neighborhood walks in Asia's t historic cities. iDiscover Sanur walk and cycling route contain 30 sites bringing local cultural heritage to life by showcasing untold stories and urban legends,. One walk per city is automatically included with the initial download. Additional walks are available for in-app purchase for a once-off cost of $1.99 each, with all proceeds given back to the local community partners who curate the walks. iDiscover City Walks is available for Bali, Hong Kong, Yangon, Java and Macau.

DrMop Games has launched Tiny Bombs Boom!. The aim of the free game is to stop the elusive bad guys from blowing up a hotel.

Agenda announced for the ninth annual Amsterdam SuperMeet

Sat, 2016-08-27 05:30

The agenda has been set for the Ninth Annual Amsterdam SuperMeet, which will take place during IBC2016 on Sunday, Sept. 11, at the Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, NL. 

The agenda will feature presentations on 360 VR filmmaking, including the making of "Pure McCartney VR." Also on stage will be user driven presentations from Blackmagic Design, Adobe, HP/NVIDIA, Lumaforge, and fayteq. To purchase tickets and for complete details, visit the SuperMeet website.

HP and NVIDIA will present the VR experience "GIANT." Inspired by real events, this immersive virtual-reality experience, which mixes both game engine and live-action video, transports the viewer into the family's makeshift basement shelter.

Blackmagic Design will present the making of "Playing with Fire." Cinematographer Klaus B. Pedersen will be the presenter and give us an exclusive preview of his documentary short featuring Katalin Konya, the three-time world amateur champion in kickboxing. 

Doors will open at 16:30 for the SuperMeet Digital Showcase, which features 18 software and hardware developers including Adobe, Blackmagic Design, HP/NVIDIA, Lumaforge, Fayteq Symply, Audio Network, Avid, B&H, BorisFX, Dashwood Cinema Solutions, The Future Store, Intelligent Assistance, Imagineer Systems, Lumberjack, KeyFlow Pro, Mettle, OWC, and ShareStation. Rounding out the evening will be the "World Famous Raffle," where over 62,000 Euros worth of software and hardware, will be raffled off.

In addition there will be a free bonus door raffle sponsored by HP/NVIDIA. The first 300 people through the doors before 18:00, (whichever comes first) will be eligible to win a fully loaded HP ZBook 15 workstation. 

Tickets are 15 Euros each (which includes two raffle tickets) for general admission and 7 Euros for students and teachers and are on sale online only. It will be 20 Euros each at the door.

AWT News Update: August 26, 2016

Fri, 2016-08-26 16:30

Fox Sports GO app for Apple TV

Slow new Friday brings us rumors of:

  • Alleged supply issues for "iPhone 7" components may hinder mass shipments of the as-yet unannounced phone
  • Intel may be grabbing a chunk of Apple's A-series chip manufacturing by 2018
  • And this isn't a rumor; a new Fox Sports app for Apple TV provides viewers with up to four games on the screen simultaneously

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for August 26, 2016. Here is a short overview of several of today’s Apple news highlights.

Since it’s Friday, we’ll toss some rumors into the mix to make your weekend exciting. First, Nikkei reported on Friday that the as-still-unannounced “iPhone 7” might face supply issues at launch. What’s going to keep production numbers down? According to Jeff Pu of Yuanta Investment Consulting, there are low yields on the dual-lens camera system for the “iPhone 7 Plus”. But even more scary is the rumor of defects in a new waterproof speaker to be included in the new handsets. It’s expected that this year’s phone will feature a lot of waterproofing, which is one of the reasons that the 3.5-mm headphone jack and electromechanical home button are also allegedly being banished. Pu slashed his iPhone production numbers from 120 million units in the July to December timeframe down to “only” 114 million on his concern about component availability. Usually demand exceeds supply at launch of any new Apple product, so there’s nothing unexpected there. What investors and analysts will be looking at is how many devices are sold in the first three days of availability of the new iPhone. Last year’s launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus saw 13 million devices sold during the first weekend. If the numbers are greater, that’s a good indicator of the sales numbers Apple will likely see during the lifetime of the new phone.

It’s no secret that Intel desperately wants more of Apple’s chip business, after seeing a sharp drop in demand recently due to decreased PC sales. Now Nikkei Asian Review is reporting that Intel’s new licensing deal for manufacturing ARM-based chips for smartphones could start giving the processor giant an edge over current Apple supplier TSMC in as little as two years. The report noted that Intel could supply Apple with a portion of its chip requirements for the expected A12 chip in 2018, with TSMC remaining the sole source of A10 and A11 chips for iPhones this year and next. There are a lot of possible wins in this situation. First, Intel is expected to build the ARM-based chips with a 10-nanometer process that will be much more power efficient than the 14-nanometer process used now by TSMC. Next, the production of some of Apple’s A-series chips would be moved to the United States, creating a potential for new jobs in the country. Finally, Intel is also expected to supply modems for some of the upcoming iPhone 7 models, so the arrangement could result in even more synergy between the two companies.

Are you a big sports fan with a fourth-generation Apple TV? Then you really need to get the new Fox Sports GO app, particularly if you have a cable or satellite TV subscription to Fox Sports 1 and 2, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deportes and Fox College Sports. Why? Well, you can watch up to four games at the same time, with the app covering leagues like Major League Baseball, the NBA, NFL, NHL, the Union of European Football Associations, and UFC. The app is a free download from the tvOS App Store.

That’s all for today; We’ll be back Monday afternoon with another edition of the AWT News Update.

Review: DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case

Fri, 2016-08-26 14:45

Card cases that turn your iPhone into a wallet capable of carrying a driver's license and a couple of credit cards are nothing new, but it's always newsworthy when a noted accessory manufacturer comes out with one. In this case, the accessory manufacturer is DODOcase, the San Francisco-based maker of an huge array of iPhone and iPad cases that utilize the company's expertise in bookbinding techniques. 

That's where the new DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case ($34.99 for iPhone 5/5s/SE/6/6s, $39.99 for iPhone 6/6s Plus) is a bit different from the rest of the DODOcase line. Rather than being a showcase of the bookbinder's skill like most of the DODOcase products (the new Customizer being the perfect example of this), the Leather iPhone Card Case uses a rather generic rubber liner to protect the sides of the iPhone, then uses premium leather for the case backing and the card slot.

The Leather iPhone Card Case comes in two finishes -- brown or black leather -- and for an extra $9.99 you can have a three-letter monogram put on it in gold. That's perfect for creating a custom gift for a friend.

While it's not the most original case of its type, the DODOcase Leather iPhone Card Case is well-constructed, can be monogrammed, and offers a good mount of protection -- all for a reasonable price. It's easy to install and remove in case you wish to swap cases, and it's definitely a nice way to get rid of that unsightly wallet bulge.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★



Spotify reportedly punishing artists who have exclusive deals with Apple Music

Fri, 2016-08-26 14:31

Artists who make exclusive deals for Apple Music (even limited time ones) are supposedly being made harder to find on Spotify's platform and are less likely to be included in featured playlists once they become available after the Apple Music exclusivity ends.

The practice has reportedly been ongoing for around a year with tracks by Tidal-exclusive artists seeing similar unfavorable consideration. Competition is ramping up between the services. Spotify claims to have 30 million subscribers, and Apple Music claims to have 15 million users.

Apple releases new iOS betas for developers and public beta testers

Fri, 2016-08-26 11:06

Apple has released the eighth beta of iOS 10 to developers and the seventh beta for public beta testers. The finished version of the operating system is due this fall.

Developers can download the beta through the Apple Developer Center or the Software Update mechanism in the App Store. If you're not already signed up for the public beta program, you can do sign up here. The public beta program is free, but remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.

Get an iDrive 1TB online backup plan at 75% off for the first year, only $14.88

Fri, 2016-08-26 11:00

When it comes to online backup services, iDrive is widely considered to be the best -- in fact, earlier this year PCMag named iDrive the best online backup service and an editor's choice. That's why Apple World Today is happy to announce a new partnership with iDrive and a heck of a great deal for AWT readers. Sign up through our iDrive portal page and you'll receive 75% off of the first year of service with iDrive. 

iDrive works with all of your devices; Mac, iOS, PC and Android. One account can back up multiple devices, so there's no need to purchase a separate account for each and every computer in your home. Our deal provides you with 1TB of backup space and 1TB of sync space for that first year at just $14.88. That gives you a full year to try out iDrive's award-winning service for less than $15, after which you'll pay the regular low annual price of $59.50.

iDrive provides military-grade encryption of all of your data from the moment it leaves your device. If you need any of your files at any time, you have full access from any  web browser or through the iDrive iOS app or Mac app

PCMag put it this way -- "You'd be hard-pressed to find an online backup service as full-featured or versatile as IDrive, especially for the price." That's at the usual price of $59.50 per year, and this AWT special 75% discount makes iDrive even more of a bargain. 

This post will disappear from the Apple World Today front page soon, but there will always be a banner ad in the sidebar that you can click on to take advantage of this deal. 

Fluent’s survey bodes well for the ‘iPhone 7,’ ‘Apple Watch 2’

Fri, 2016-08-26 08:32

Customer acquisition firm, Fluent, surveyed Americans on their thoughts about the rumored “iPhone 7,” the rumored Apple Watch 2, and perceptions around the brand. The survey was conducted among 1,735 adult residents (aged 18 and up) in the U.S.

The survey finds that iPhone owners are sticking with iPhone. Eighty-seven percent of iPhone users say they will purchase another Apple device as their next phone.  Only 76% of Android users plan to purchase another Android device; 17% of Android users want to switch to an iPhone.

iPhone users are split on whether the iPhone 7 will be a big deal; 47% think it will be, but 53% don’t. Also, most consumers think the iPhone is too expensive (especially Android users). Thirty-percent of those surveyed by Fluent thinks the pricing is fair, while 70% think it’s too expensive. Concerning the rumors that the next gen iPhone will ditch the traditional headphone jack, 64% of those surveyed think that will be a drawback, while 36% think it will be an improvement.

Waterproofing was considered the most important potential new iPhone feature by a majority (56%) of consumers. No single feature is considered the most important improvement by even one in four consumers. Only about one in three (35%) want to see the next iPhone have curved glass like the current Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Fluent also notes that Apple Watch owners are much more likely to purchase a new smartwatch in the next year. Sixty-eight percent of Apple Watch owners say they “definitely or probably will” upgrade to a new smartwatch this year. 

Sixty-nine percent of owners of the current Apple Watch think the rumored second generation model will be a big deal, compared to only 21% of other consumers. Nearly three in five (59%) of Apple Watch owners think the new models will be a major improvement. And most (62%) Apple Watch owners think it is better than other similar watches on the market.

Apple to expand its Cork plant in Ireland, adding more than 1,000 jobs

Fri, 2016-08-26 07:28

Apple has been granted planning permission for an expansion at its Hollyhill site in Cork, which will create up to an additional 1,000 jobs over the next 18 months, according to The Irish Times. It will bring the total workforce there to 6,000 and also include a 752-space parking lot.

The company, which has been based in Cork since 1980 and currently employs more than 5,000 people in Ireland, is to construct a new building at the Hollyhill site, the article adds. The news comes following a 25% increase in the company’s workforce over the past 12 months.

An Bord Pleanála, a government-funded planning body, gave the expansion plan the go-ahead after dismissing an appeal against the development by local residents, according to Business World. Local residents of Hollyhill objected to the project, saying they would be "practically living in an industrial estate" if Apple was granted permission to expand.

Apple reportedly planning to add FeliCa chip support in a future iPhone for Japanese customers

Fri, 2016-08-26 07:16

Apple is planning a new iPhone feature for Japan that will allow users to pay for mass-transit rides with their smartphones instead of physical payment cards, according to Bloomberg, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the matter.”

The article says that an upcoming iPhone will include technology called FeliCa, a mobile tap-to-pay standard in Japan developed by Sony. However, Bloomberg doesn’t say when the tech will be included in an Apple smartphone.

The FeliCa chip reportedly allow customers in Japan to store their public bus and train passes on their iPhones. Users would then be able to tap their phones against the entrance scanners instead of using physical cards.

An IC chip and antenna are embedded in each FeliCa card, enabling each transaction to be completed in approximately 0.1 sec, simply by holding the card over a compatible reader/writer. As it is contactless, users can enjoy the ease of using the card without having to remove it from a wallet or purse, according to Sony.

Functions in the card equivalent to files and folders allow a single card to offer multiple services. An employee ID card can also be used as an access card for office entrance as well as PC login. It can even be used as an e-money card for payment.