MacinTech has four officers to serve the members. These officers are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These four officers comprise the Board of Directors for MacinTech Users Group, Incorporated.

The President of MacinTech is Robert Zimmerman (zimmie). The Vice-President is Robert Hawkins (Hawk), Secretary is Michelle Lamoreaux, and Treasurer is Andrea Suhaka. The leader of the MacinTech Multimedia SIG is Chris Domino.

President: Robert Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman (aka "zimmie") has been a member of MacinTech since 1992. He first began using Macintosh computers as part of his job as a rocket scientist, using a Mac 512e (ie, a "FatMac") on proposals for satellites. It only took a few seconds of using a Mac to realize that, as useful as an IBM PC was, the Mac was an elegant and fun to use computer. From writing engineering memos and creating expansive spreadsheets to mathematically describe both rockets and complex satellites, zimmie graduated to writing scientific programs for the Macintosh on his first personally owned Mac, a IIci. He is still at it, eventually winning technical praise from the international engineering society for his specialty, along with a Fellowship and election to Executive Vice President of the society.

Besides being an engineering Fellow and programmer, zimmie enjoys writing stories, and has published several short stories and poems, all written on a Macintosh. He is an instrument rated pilot with his own airplane, and relies on his Macintosh for flight planning. First elected President in 2003, zimmie took a year off from MacinTech when his job sent him to Australia, making meeting attendance virtually impossible. After his return, he was asked to return to the post, which he did. He can be reached at

Robert Hawkins
Vice-President: Robert Hawkins
As Vice-President, Hawk backs up zimmie doing all sorts of things.

Hawk has been breaking Macintosh computers so long, he cannot remember!

Michelle Lamoreaux
Secretary: Michelle Lamoreaux
Michelle has been a member of MacinTech since 2002. She is currently the secretary and works to get helpful notes and items posted to the site for members to access. She can be reached via email at

Michelle’s introduction to Apple was with the Apple IIe with many hours spent on the models that have followed. As a Marketing Manager, she has worked in multiple industries including technology, corporate training, pet products, and automotive. She graduated with honors from the University of Denver with a BSBA in Marketing and BA in German. Michelle enjoys music photography, scrapbooking (digital and traditional), creating video slideshows and graphics.

Andy Suhaka
Treasurer: Andrea Suhaka
Andy is Treasurer and handles membership duties, including newsletter mailings. Her email address is

Andy is a bonafide Mac addict, having purchased the 2nd original Mac 128K machine available from their Apple store. It still functions! She own a PowerBook 100, Quadra 700, IIcx and a G3, Mac mini, iPhone and iPad.

Andy is a retired professional Girl Scout. She was the first District 3 representative in the new city of Centennial. Andy has been a member of MacinTech since 1987.

Chris Domino
Multimedia SIG Leader: Chris Domino
Chris leads our Multimedia SIG, which meets once per month. Her email address is

Chris is the Mac support person at a local elementary school. She says the kids are well behaved, but not so much the teachers!